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I pride myself on becoming an invaluable team member, whether working as an employee or a contractor. Read below for reviews from managers, colleagues, and clients.

Reviews and Recommendations

"Adrienne and I have worked together in several capacities from bookkeeping support, social mediate support, marketing material development.  Her work product for each project is accurate, well thought out, timely and reliable."  - Janette Brooks (Owner, D4Fiduciary)

Ms. Adrienne Boudreaux is, without a doubt, one of the highest-performing students that I have had the pleasure of working with. Ms. Boudreaux was a student in my Business Communication class in the Spring of 2021. Her experience as an Administrative Assistant to the college Writing Success Center was an asset to her fellow students. She served as a guest speaker and promoted the services of the Writing Success Center. She also helped me develop an extra-credit assignment to encourage students to visit the center. - Claudette Shatto (Professor, Napa Valley College)

Adrienne is business savvy and driven, far more organized and reliable than larger childcare centers we have encountered along the way. She manages invoices and billing with accuracy and attention to detail. She is determined to to what is right, and fair, in any situation. - Chelsea Terrill (Client)

Awesome review coming soon!

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